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Trisha Grant is corporate counsel for Microsoft, focusing on transactional matters in the technology sector involving privacy, competition, intellectual property, and compliance concerns.  A Certified Information Privacy Professional, she was previously a senior associate at an international law firm, working on litigation matters and investigations involving the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, state Attorney Generals, and private parties as well as transactional matters involving competition, intellectual property, and environmental laws.  Trisha co-authored the U.S. Pharmaceutical Antitrust review for Global Competition Review for the past several years, and was awarded Best Antitrust Business Article – Intellectual Property Category, Concurrences Antitrust Writing Awards.

I am honored to support Reskill Americans in advancing careers in technology for underrepresented communities and promoting social justice.  Workforce development initiatives such as this one that focus on making education and software development skills accessible on a national level are a necessity.